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Jack is a WPG that is a tested Navdha dog. Jack recieved a NA 98 Prize2 at 11 months. He also received in his first time running the UT a 189 Prize 2. Jack is OFA Good #  WG-1646G25M-VPI

Jack has been hunted on wild grouse, woodcock, pheasants, sharptails, huns, and ducks. Jack has a great disposition and a superior pedigree backing him up.

If you are interested in Jack for stud services contact Aspen Glo Kennel


2013 Addition to the pedigree.

Alibi's Tomorrow is a Better Day
(Tommy) Pen.hip, NA prize3, UT prize 1 (@ 22 months)
Running in the 2010 Navhda Invitational

Tommy's Web Page

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